Trailer Breakdown: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

Don't Miss #1!

10. Glimpse of the Prison 

The prison is seen in the first scene and looks bigger than the one in GTA 5

9. Returning Vehicles and Features 

Returning features from GTA 5 include the gauntlet Hellfire car, towing boats, and a brand called Patriot beer

8. Lucia's Imprisonment

Character named Lucia to start the game in prison and rumoured to have a child.

7. Counselor Stephanie 

Scenes reveal Lucia in conversation with a prison counselor named Stephanie, adding narrative depth to the game. 

6. Flamingos & Alligators 

The Everglades, a swampy area, is showcased with fan boats, flamingos, and alligators, adding diverse environmental features. 

5. Vibrant Beaches

A vibrant beach scene suggests improved character models and the possibility of pedestrians walking their pets. 

4. Returning vehicles 

Returning vehicles like the Buckingham super volito and sea Sparrow, along with jet skis and boat mechanics, are highlighted. 

3. Night life in GTA 6

Nightlife in Vice City is depicted, featuring locations like the Jack of Hearts Nightclub, and confirmed locations include Kelly County and Vice City International Airport. 

2. Bigger Skyline

The Vice City skyline is seen in the distance and is much bigger than Los Santos

1. Water physics

Water physics is improved with transparent water. Yachts are confirmed to be returning.