The GTA 6 Buzz: 10 Features That Have Fans Ecstatic 

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10. Euphoria Engine 

Fans want GTA 6 to revive the realistic Euphoria engine from GTA IV, enhancing NPC interactions and vehicle dynamics 

9. Character Customization 

San Andreas' extensive protagonist customization should return, allowing players to tweak appearance and gain street respect 

8. Job Roles 

Reintroduce the ability to take on jobs like firefighter or police officer for bonuses and time-killing 

7. Turf Wars 

Bring back the engaging gang wars from GTA San Andreas, allowing players to claim territory across the map 

6. Expansions 

Fans desire post-launch content like GTA IV's expansions or Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare for added gameplay 

5. Property Ownership 

Reintroduce property and business ownership, as seen in GTA Online 

4. More Activities 

Increase mundane but entertaining offline and online activities 

3. Enhanced Customization 

Improve weapon and vehicle customization options for a broader sense of style 

2. RP Servers 

Support official role-playing servers to enhance the GTA Online experience 

1. Game-Changing Features 

Rockstar Games employees hinted at GTA 6 details, possibly revealing the official name and intriguing features