7 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $60 (Black Friday Bonus!)

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If you have come to this page, that means you are not satisfied with any of those keyboards, and that’s okay! I have something else for you.

At this moment, I am expanding the horizons of budget. To have dream gaming mechanical keyboards you have to push your budgeting limits.

So, now we have big brands with us, like Alienware, Razer, Logitech these brands have never compromised with the build and quality of their products.

The 3 best mechanical keyboards.

1. Alienware RGB Gaming Keyboard – AW510K

A beautifully designed, full-featured gaming keyboard offering programmable keys and dedicated volume control. Made for ultimate performance.

The keyboard has the latest generation Low-profile Cherry MX keys. The durability of the keys is 50 million keystrokes with no loss of quality.

At the time of writing this post, this product is cheaper on the official site rather than on Amazon. So check both sites before buying.


2. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Mechanical Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Razer is well known for the quality of its products.

This wireless mechanical gaming keyboard comes armed with our most advanced wireless technology for low-latency gaming and hyper-responsive inputs—made possible through an optimized data protocol, ultra-fast radio frequency, and seamless frequency switching in the noisiest, data-saturated environments.


3. Logitech G915 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

One of my best keyboards. Logitech G915 is the best gaming keyboard. You won’t regret it.

Tactile feedback, audible clicks makes it more interesting and comfortable. Intelligent LIGHTSYNC RGB technology enables fully customizable per-key lighting across ~ 16.8 M colors.


This is it, you have seen the most reliable mechanical gaming keyboards under and around $60. Some are a bit expensive but that is totally on your requirement and budget.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you find it useful then do share it with your friends. See you guys in the next one.

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