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7 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $60 (Black Friday Bonus!)

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In this vast market where every sec a new product is getting introduced, it’s hard to find the right product.

If you are also struggling to find the best mechanical keyboard under your budget, then you are at the right place.

I have selected the best 7 mechanical keyboards under $60 for you so that you need not sacrifice your passion just because of a tight budget.

I’ll also add some products that might get under $60 in this sale season! So read all the way till the end.

As Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is approaching, there might be a chance that you will get some expensive products at better prices.

If not, then also you will end up with your final product selection at the end of this article. So, stick to it till the end.

Why mechanical keyboards are better for gaming

Well, we all know that mechanical keyboards are the best keyboards for gaming, but why? Before diving into the best keyboards, let’s first find out why they are better than others for gaming.

Alright, as a professional in any field you need the best equipment to save your time and effort.

These keyboards are faster than normal keyboards on the market. The feel of typing every character on this, makes you fall in love with these keyboards.

The durability of these keyboards is also better than the normal ones.

A mechanical keyboard is definitely good, not only for gaming but it entirely elevates your typing experience because of its keys and the tactile feedback it provides.

Mechanical keyboards are designed to reduce fatigue while typing. Yes, they’re heavy-duty keyboards but they’re equally amazing to type on.

Your gaming experience will improve significantly if you switch to a mechanical keyboard. Being a gamer, you have to press a lot more keys than a regular person with regular usage.

Mechanical keyboards last for around 30-50 million keystrokes, whereas membrane keyboards last only for nearly 5 million keystrokes. Some premium keyboards can even touch 70 million keystrokes in their lifespan.

Top 7 Mechanical Keyboard Under $60!

A quick side note: We will be starting from 7 and making our way up to 1. No doubt, all of these keyboards are really amazing, but we’ll be counting down from 7 to 1, 7 being good and 1 being the best.

Let’s dive in!

7. Razer – BlackWidow TE Chroma v2

This is the best mechanical keyboard you can get from Razer at this price point.

For just $39.95, Razer’s green switch technology provides a satisfying click sound with 50G of actuation force.

This comes with magnetic wrist rest, made of plush leatherette to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions.

$ 39 .95

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